Lil’ Explorers

A safe, coloured and inspiring area for kids under 3. Here lil’ explorers will be able to go through lairs, holes, soft scented tunnels, rises and slope. Shapes and colours can be discovered by playing with bright rods and withreal instruments, cuddled by parents and new friends. A psycomotor play-game and the exploration through the senses are important experiences for children and efficient tools to discover their own bodies. Admission to the area is allowed just without shoes. The area opens at: 10.00-11.30/ 12.00-13.30/ 15.00-16.30/ 17.00 -18:30. Activity included in the admission ticket.

Thanks to Johnson Baby

How to play:  Lil’Explorers is a permanent exhibit of the Museum, for free use during all visits reserved to 0-3 years old children.