Attendance quotas set at Explora

Following the DPCM dated March 4th, 2020, issued by the government to contain and tackle the outbreak of COVID-19, which provides for the precautionary measures to be adopted throughout the national territory, attendance in the Explora pavilion is reduced to 85 visitors for each timed visit from March 5thto 15th, 2020, to ensure a safe distance between persons

Extraordinary measures

Activities at the Museum will be regularly carried out with workshops and free play between exhibits until further notice and provision from the government.

To tackle the situation, the Museum has adopted extraordinary measures for cleaning and sanitising all spaces and exhibits at closing times between timed visits; hand cleaners have been set up and the Regione Lazio guidelines have been affixed; staff members have also been trained to ensure visitors the best and safest experience in the Museum premises.

To spread best practices, until March 15th, 2020, children are offered the opportunity to attend the “I wash my hands” workshop to learn how to properly wash their hands.

While acknowledging the emergency, Explora looks forward to being again a landmark for all children, families and schools who during the years honoured Explora for being an inclusion and growth environment. 


Museo dei Bambini SCS Onlus

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