Artisan for a day 2017

After last year’s success, “Artisan for a Day” is coming back to Rome, an initiative by Autostrade per l’Italia for children and their parents to rediscover the importance of manual skills and old trades.

Explora will open its doors to small artisans from Saturday October 28th to 29th, a full weekend dedicated to families followed by more weekends in November: November 4th-5th and 11th-12th. Children together with their parents will turn into woodworkers, bookbinders and basket weavers for a day.

Led by expert artisans, more than 1500 children, aged 6 to 12 years, will take on old trades and tinker their way to new creations. The workshops will teach them how to use tools and materials, help them to discover the tricks of old trades and learn traditional techniques while watching artisans making their handcrafted pieces.

The workshops, for children aged 6 to 12 years, will take place during the visit to the museum and on dedicated weekends.

Come to Explora and have a nice journey with “Autostrade per l’Italia” into trades and traditions, using technique and creativity.

 Thanks to Autostrade per l’Italia

Age: 6-12 years
When: October 28th-29th, November 4th-5th and 11th-12th, at 10:00 am,12:00 pm, 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm.
Booking: required to be admitted to the museum.
Duration: 40 minutes.
Information: ticket price includes admission to workshop. Booking is required for admission to the museum only, and should be made online on the website. Booking and purchase

Workshops can be booked (tickets are limited) within the first 30 minutes after visit starts at the information desk in the museum pavilion.


The first weekend will be dedicated to the trade of the “woodworker”, with Leo Pallotta. A workshop to experiment and create a toy to be customised with plenty of pieces available. Woodworking, in fact, offers many interpretative options to give free way to creativity and inspiration.

Leo Matteo P.Pallotta was born in London in 1972. He specialises in design and exhibit installation, and designs and builds educational museum exhibits. He works wood, metal, and resins and is able to shape materials into objects for everyday use, which are also suitable to young children. His philosophy is to bring about the pleasure to create with your own hands; a real mission for him, who follows up the whole process, from concept to final product. The father of two, Zoe and Elia, he first experiments his creations with his small critics and then turn the whole thing into a great project of passion and commitment.


The second weekend will be dedicated to the trade of the “bookbinder”. Two days with Alberto Cecchetti and his staff of Rome’s historical workshop La Legatoria, to learn about the artistic skills of this old trade, made with care and passion.

In the heart of Rome, at a stone’s throw from Piazza della Repubblica, wedged between the lively Rione Monti and the stern Ministry of the Interior and the Teatro dell’Opera, Paola e Alberto have been making anything out of paper, cardboard, canvas, plastic and glue for years.
Making a book out of a digital or paper media or restoring a damaged book are their main strengths. Old and new tools blend tradition with modern technology.

Website La Legatoria


The third weekend will be spent with basket makers Andreina e David Lisei, to learn about basket weaving and find out how manual skills combine with a knowledgeable use of traditional tools.

Andreaina and David developed the art of weaving in Montecchio, a village near Terni, out of their passion to rediscover Nature and its gifts and weave all the natural colours of the land.
New tools and old passions to make products and preserve the environment as well as traditions.  

website Arte dell’intreccio