Halloween 2019

Ready for the scariest holiday of the year? Many workshops are on schedule at Explora from October 31st to November 3th!

We’ll experiment with art, science and games in three workshops taking place at every timed visit by age groups. 



    In the month of November Officina in cucina, Cooking Lab, the area separate from the exhibit pavilion. 




Age Groups: 3-11 years
When: October 31st at 03:00 pm, 05:00 pm; and November 1st, 2nd and 3rd at 10:00 am, 12:00 pm, 03:00 pm, 05:00 pm.
How to attend workshops in the pavilion: tickets include access to workshops and are limited; to be booked within the Museum within the first 30 minutes after visit starts. Booking is required for admission to the museum, online or calling number +39 (0)6 3613776.
If you purchase your tickets online, you are admitted directly to the museum and avoid queuing at the ticket office.
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Officina in cucina, Cooking Lab
How to attend workshops in the Cooking Lab space: tickets can be bought directly online or at the ticket office.
When: November 1st, 2nd and 3rd, at 10:45 am for children aged 5-11 years, at 03:45 pm for children 6-11 years.
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(Italiano) Notte Europea dei Ricercatori 2019

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Springtime at the Museum

2019 Springtime at the Explora Museum offers a plethora of events to spend your holidays having fun and making discoveries.

While waiting for the holidays, why not to attend the weekend workshops on April 6th-7th and 13th-14th: 

  • Print, what an impression! – for children aged 3-5 years, to play with a printing technique and create patterns, drawings, decorations and original and custom textures called embossing.
  • A whale of energy! – for children aged 6-11 years, to discover energy through an entertaining activity that will help understand scientific phenomena through some materials’ behaviour.

Will you be in Rome on the Easter bank holidays? Come and have fun at the Museum! 
From April 18th to 28th springtime workshops are available to visitors on the four timed visits (10:00 am, 12:00 pm, 03:00 pm and 05:00 pm):


Walking around a farm park – for children aged 3-5 years, the art craft workshop to learn how to decorate DIY toys creatively.  




Valuable Plastic – for children aged 6-11 years, an interactive exhibit workshop, Valuable Plastic, to learn how to collect, re-use, recycle and make new objects from plastic packaging, unveiling the secrets of plastic and learning how to recycle consciously.




Age Groups: 3-5 years and 6-11 years
When: April 6th-7th and 13th-14th and from April 18th to 28th at 10:00 am, 12:00 pm, 03:00 pm and 05:00 pm. 
The Museum is open on April 21st and 25th (Easter and Liberation Day), and closed on April 22nd.
How to attend: tickets include access to workshops and are limited, to be booked in the Museum within the first 30 minutes after visit starts.

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Are schools closed on holidays? Spend a whole day at the Museum, choose the Camp! 
Taking place on April 18th-19th, 23rd, 24th*, 26th*, 29th* e 30th*, the Explora Camp is a fully immersive experience of innovation, experimentation, science, arts and nature which allows to learn and understand in a different way and stimulates creativity and curiosity. (*minimum number required)
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Camp page


On weekends and holidays add to your visit the Courgette cookies workshop, the last event at Officina in cucina, the Cooking Lab – Recipes from the garden: the activities are offered in a real kitchen where to take a healthy and tasty snack out of the oven.
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Create, glue, tie, decorate: on sale at the Explora bookshop the Easter Egg Kit, assembled in the Made in Explora space, a teaching aid to make learning easy and decorate Easter trees creatively. 




(Italiano) Nutripiatto: il piatto intelligente

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Carnival 2019

Celebrate Carnival at the Museum: on schedule from February 23rd some workshops to live the funniest time of the year together

For children aged 3 to 5 years: the Carnival grimaces workshop to learn in a creative and dynamic way what some very curious animals eat. 




For children aged 6 to 11 years: the Masks Made in Explora workshop, to make a mask in the new space where children can use dies, stamps and customise their creations in the maker style. By attending the workshop, children can discover the new space Made in Explora, which was created to give a new life to the traditional letterpress printing through the technological approach of tinkering and making,which allow children to learn, through intuition and play, STEAM (Science, Technology Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) subject matters.


In addition,  Officina in Cucina will offer Recipes from the garden – Pea cake, the event featuring the recipes to celebrate the Explora vegetable gardens, part of the GARDENStoGROW, Urban Horticulture for Innovative and Inclusive Early Childhood Education project, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.
Cooking workshops will also be available for younger children aged 3 to 5 years!
Cooking courses for little chefs aged 3-5 years take place in the morning, from 10:45 am; for children aged 6-11 years in the afternoon, from 03:45 pm. The would-be chefs will be given the task of making soft soufflés rich in vitamins, proteins and minerals and learn how to make tasty half balls out of seeds.


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Age Groups: 3-11 years 
workshops: February 23rd-24th and March 2nd-3rd at 10:00 am, 12:00 pm, 03:00 pm and 05:00 pm, February 28th and March 5th at 03:00 pm and 05:00 pm. 
Officina in Cucina (Cooking Lab) February 23rd-24th and March 2nd-3rd for children aged 3-5 years at 10:45 am and for children aged 6-11 years at 03:45 pm. 

How to attend: 
workshops: tickets include access to workshops, however the number of participants is limited; workshops should be booked in the Museum within the first 30 minutes after your visit starts.
Officina in Cucina (Cooking Lab) Activity to be bought online. BUY

Artisan for a day 2019

Coming back to the Museum is Artisan for a day, an initiative by Autostrade per l’Italia that will engage children and their parents in activities related to old trades and traditions, making them rediscover the importance of manual skills.

Led by expert artisans, children aged from 6 to 12 years will take on old trades and tinker their way to new creations. The workshops offered at the Museum will teach them how to use tools and materials, help them discover the tricks of the old trades and learn traditional techniques.

Come to Explora and have a nice journey with “Autostrade per l’Italia” into trades and traditions, using techniques and creativity

Thanks to Autostrade per l’Italia

Age: 6-12 years
When: January 12th-13th, 1th-20th, 26th-27th, at 10:00 am, 12:00 pm, 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm.
Booking: required to be admitted to the museum.
Duration: 40 minutes.
Information: ticket price includes admission to workshop. Booking is required for admission to the museum only, and should be made online on the website.

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Each weekend is dedicated to a different trade:


January 12th and 13th

The first weekend will be dedicated to the art of “mosaic” to rediscover the old art of the Muses and try to make a small mosaic with the help of the mosaic teachers from the Art Studio Café of Rome.

 Alessandra Savelli and the Art Studio Café

In the heart of Saint Peter’s, at a stone’s throw from the Vatican, it represents a major point of reference for all enthusiasts and professionals of arts: with the long-standing school of mosaic, the Savelli family has been cultivating the art of the Muses for generations with professionalism and the mastery of the art by professor Maria Teresa Vacchini and other mosaic teachers. 

See the photos 


January 19th and 20th

The second weekend will be dedicated to the trade of the “woodworker”, with Leo Pallotta. Children will create a toy and will have the chance to find out the secrets of woodworking and its tools by watching gestures, materials, and tools that make this years-long tradition really unique.

Leo Matteo P.Pallotta 

He was born in London and specialises in design and exhibit installation, and designs and builds educational museum exhibits. He works wood, metal, and resins and is able to shape materials into objects for everyday use, which are also suitable for young children. His philosophy is to bring about the pleasure to create with your own hands; a real mission for him, who follows up the whole process, from concept to final product.

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January 26th and 27th

The third weekend will be spent with “weaver” Roberta Denni from Manufatturerranti;
children will explore the main aspects of weaving and will create a small tapestry using the old technique of “weft weaving”.

Roberta Denni and Manifatturerranti

She’s been weaving on an old Piedmontese loom for many years and she’s permanently trained by a weaving and yarn-making master in Saint Antioco (Sardinia). She has developed Manifatturerranti, an artisanal weaving project which was started in Rome out of a desire to know and share weaving skills with people from different cultural backgrounds and places.  

See the photos

I learn, express myself and become a CREATIVE MAKER!

Celebrate the International Children’s Day at Explora “I learn, express myself and become a Creative Maker” will take place on Sunday, November 18th, a free-admission event for all children, as part of the CREATIVE MAKERS project: kids’ fablabs for letterpress & printing inspired by tinkering and making (CREAM), co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

Inspired by Article 13 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child that recognizes the right to freedom of expression either orally, in writing, in print or in the form of art, the event aims at engaging younger children in activities and innovative workshops where they can experiment with letterpress printing before the opening, scheduled for next February, of the “Made in Explora”  space, the first kids’ fablab.

Designed by Explora in collaboration with artist Maria Zaramella, a graphic designer specialising in educational letterpress projects for children, the workshops, differentiated by age groups, are open to public and take place at the following timed visits: 10:00 am, 12:00 pm, 03:00 pm and 05:00 pm:


  • Let’s set the type free 3-5 years
    Unchain your imagination and discover letterpress printing and colours;
  • It’s more than a right 6-7 years
    Experiment with the embossing technique;
  • Among rights 8-11 years
    Accommodates tradition with innovation by combining movable type and small robots.

What are you waiting for? Become a Creative Maker now!

From this link, you can book admission tickets for adults and children for the day.
Although when booking the day of November 18th an amount in euro is generated, admission is free for all children.
Please, make sure to collect your tickets at the ticket office up to 15 minutes prior to your entry time.

Technical partner of the event Gruppo Cordenons


Discover the CREATIVE MAKERS project

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Age groups for workshops: 3-11 years
When: Sunday, November 18th, 2018, from 10:00 am to 07:00 pm
How to attend: free admission for children (accompanying adults will be charged admission)
Booking is required from the website until all seats are taken.
Tickets must be collected within the first 15 minutes after visit starts, otherwise your booking will expire.

In order to attend the workshops offered in the pavilion, you can book your ticket within 30 minutes prior to your entry time.  






Sow, grow and cook

Sow, grow and cook: On October 6th, come to Explora and attend the free-of-charge launch event for the GARDENStoGROW Urban Horticulture for Innovative and Inclusive Early Childhood Education project, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, which aims at setting up educational vegetable gardens and training courses for teachers and school managers.

The day event will introduce free-admission workshops taking place in the outdoor area and in the Officina in Cucina (Cooking Lab) space for children aged 3-5 years and 6-11 years, from 10:30 am to 06:30 pm

To be booked:
Officina for children aged 3-5 years at 10:30 am and 03:30 pm
Officina for children aged 6-11 years at 12:30 pm and 05:30 pm

The Cooking Lab space will host Recipes from the garden – Carrot cake, a free activity that opens up the season of Officina in Cucina with new recipes based on vegetables.
Great news for the 2018-19 year: the Officina in Cucina (Cooking Lab) workshops will be also available for younger children, aged 3 to 5 years.

(to be booked, at 11:15 am, 12:15 pm, 03:15 pm and 04:15 pm)

– Paper and Seeds – workshop (3-5 years)
To get children familiar with the wonderful world of seeds. Sustainability, respect for the environment and creativity are the keywords of an outdoor activity conceived as a real paper-recycling plant, where children can make a sheet of paper full of seeds.

– Grow your future – Workshop (6-11 years)
Children will be projected towards the new frontiers of hydroponic growing. Building a hydroponic mini system is fun and educational, for its waste-reducing property in terms of water and nutrients and its mild impact on the environment.

Find out more on the  GARDENStoGROW project 

When: October 6th, 2018
Age group: 3-11 years
How to attend: free activities in the Explora’s outdoor area and in the Officina in Cucina (Cooking Lab) space Booking is required.


European Researchers’ Night 2018

On September 28th, 2018, the Explora Museum will celebrate the European Researchers’ Night, featuring I do not waste, to find out how to reduce food waste, an event promoted for the 13th edition of the European Researchers’ Night organised by Frascati Scienza, dedicated to the BE a citizEn Scientist: la scienza è partecipata (BEES) project.

Admission to the Museum is free for timed visits at 07:30 pm and 09:15 pm, with workshops to be booked and free-admission activities: I do not waste wants to make children and families aware of the food waste issue with the help of Researchers and Scientists who will present activities and workshops created for all age groups.

Together with CREA, a research centre for food and nutrition, and CAR SpA, a food and agriculture centre of Rome, the I do not waste event is meant to highlight how strong the link between environment and food is and how Science, Research and Technology can help us reduce food waste.

On schedule: 

  • Shed light on waste
    Workshop for children aged 3-5 years, booking is required.
    Can food waste be avoided at home, at schools or while shopping? Find out how to do it with small bee-shaped robots: attend the workshop and have fun discovering how to reduce waste by playing. The activity aims at raising preschool-aged children’s awareness of food waste. 
    By Maria Mattera, a nutritionist researcher at CREA alimenti e nutrizione.
  • The right shopping 
    Workshop for children aged 6-8 years, booking is required. 
    Science and Research are working on it, collecting and analysing data to reach the goal: Can we produce a sheet of paper creatively using food scraps? Learn how to recycle creatively, combining new technologies, research and environment and reducing waste by studying keywords such as purchase, shopping, packaging and re-use.
    By Laura Rossi, a biologist nutritionist researcher at CREA alimenti e nutrizione.
  • Programme your consumptions
    Workshop for children aged 9-11 years, booking is required. 
    Shopping and purchases, recipes and amounts of servings, expiration dates and labels; enter the world of robots and computer programming and learn how to adopt correct food habits and understand all the steps in the “waste chain”.
    By Maria Luisa Scalvedi, a nutritionist researcher at CREA alimenti e nutrizione.
  • Not looking good, but good
    Workshop for children aged 3-11 years, booking is required.
    Cannot a less-than-perfect fruit be good? Why when buying fruit and vegetables do we tend to discard those that are not looking good? For children and families alike, this workshop explains how half the food waste takes place at home and provides information on how to reduce food waste caused by a wrong and misleading perception of what healthy food should look like.
    By Mauro Uniformi, an agronomist at Agribioeco Laboratori Riuniti.
  • FOODCONS Food Consumption Data Base
    Free-of-charge kiosk for adults. 
    Supported by CREA researchers, the activity helps adults learn about health and disease prevention, food education and sustainability by providing data on the impact that our food choices have on the environment. Foodcons is a software created by CREA that provides data trends and analytics on “Food Consumption”.
    By Marika Ferrari, a biologist researcher, and Umberto Scognamiglio, a researcher at CREA alimenti e nutrizione.

The European Researchers’ Night, organised by Frascati Scienza, is a great event that brings science in the streets, among citizen, young people and students. This project is supported by the European Commission (GA No. 818728). 

Thanks to: CREA, research centre for food and nutrition
                  CAR SpA, food and agriculture centre of Rome

When: September 28th, 2018
Entry times:  First visit at 07:30 pm, second visit at 09:15 pm
How to attend: free admission to the Museum with online booking required for admission to the museum only.
Booking will be available from Tuesday, September 18th, 2018.
Workshops can be booked in the museum and are for different age groups.

Download our press kit 


Give your contribution to the European Researchers’ Night by filling in a short questionnaire



From April 20th to April 22nd Explora, the Children’s Museum of Rome, will host VOICES: international festival of theatre, dance and music, a three-day event which will take place in the Museum’s green area, originated from Voices of Solidarity (VOICES), the European project co-funded by Creative Europe, a programme of the European Union. The project – coordinated by ArtReach LTD, a cultural UK agency – will be on tour at Explora of Rome, as well as at CESIE of Palermo, Altonale GmbH of Hamburg, and the Radu Stanca National Theatre of Sibiu.

The Festival focuses on raising public’s awareness on European values of freedom, democracy, equality and solidarity, thus celebrating freedom of expression through its forms: theatre, dance, music to create performances and workshops for families and schools, staged by artists, performers and international and local actors.

Watch the trailer

The Festival schedule


Friday 20th April

10:00 am
By ArteStudio
Dedicated to schools 

11:45 am
Story performance
By ArteStudio (IT)
Dedicated to schools and the Press

12:20 pm
By ArteStudio
Dedicated to schools

Saturday 21st April

03:15 pm
By Sara Greco e Federico Di Maio
3-5 years
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03:15 pm
Cooking Lab
By Explora
5-11 years
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03:15 pm
By Explora
6-11 years
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04:00 pm
By Patricia Carolin Mai and Jakob Neubauer (DE)
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Participants to the workshop and performance are entitled to a free admission to the Museum
Sunday 22nd April

11:00 am
By Giuseppe Marchei, I Bugiardini
6-11 years
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11:30 am
By Parrabbola (UK)
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04:00 pm
By Giuseppe Marchei, I Bugiardini
6-11 years
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04:30 pm
By Parrabbola (UK)
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Participants to the workshop and performance are entitled to a free admission to the Museum 


Age: 3-11 years
When: April 20th, 21st, 22nd, 2018
How to attend: Free event taking place in the Museum’s green spaces. Participants to the workshop and performance are entitled to a free admission to the Museum at the timed visit following the performance.

For information about the European project, visit the Dedicated Page [/one_half]