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Explora’s Shop and Bookshop

Explora’s Shop Promotion – Do you know how it works?

For each 50 euros spent you’ll receive a “YOU ARE INVITED” as a gift! Do your shopping at the Explora’s Bookshop, where you can find many Christmas gift ideas. Products are carefully selected and are made for all age groups: books or science, recreational and tutorial games.

Offer is valid from December 8th, 2016 to January 6th, 2017
Special openings: December 26th and January 2nd
(closed on December 25th and January 1st)

Explora’s Shop and Bookshop

Mission Explora

Mission Explora is the game card to turn your visit into a hunt for details and a journey of adventure and discovery!



Can you recreate the pizza chain? How many colors are generated by the shadow of your hand? These and many other ideas in the new game card Mission to Explora, the tool that allows you to delve into the Museum and become a real Explorer.



  • Collect your game card in the pavilion;
  • Find out the museum’s areas annotated in the game card and follow the game tips;
  • Punch your card using the punchers you find in the game space;
  • Once you get three holes, show your card yo the Explora staff: you’ll receive the Explorator badge.



The new game card represents Explora’s mission to encourage and help the natural desire to learn that is in every child with stimulating, entertaining proposals and exhibits designed for different age groups and to offer adults and children the chance to live together this special and fascinating experience that will allow the child to grow up and the adult to become a child again.


Collect your game card in the Museum!


Live a special moment with Mission Explora!


The artists

Cristina Damiani

Cristina is a freelance illustrator born in Rome, where she lives and works.
She graduated in Illustration and Animation at IED – European Institute of Design, and, since 2019, she has been teaching there in the “Illustration” and “Media Design” courses. 
In recent years he has participated and won several contests. Of the most significant, the “Tapirulan Illustrators Contest” in 2017, the “Posterheroes” in 2018, and “Autori di Immagini” – a publication that brings together the best of contemporary Italian illustration – in 2021. 
She also has been involved in “The Milaneser”, a project telling about the city of Milan through 52 of the peninsula’s best illustrators.
Her synthetic style, with large color fields, is well suited for collaborations with editorial companies, brands, and product design, brought her to work with the major national newspapers and firms, such as Futura – Corriere della Sera, Slurp Design, Designers Against Coronavirus, IED, Caffè Design, Food Confidential, Jont & The Infinite Possibility and emerging animation and motion graphics studios.
For inspiration, Cristina always tends to look to the history of art and adores René Magritte. Nature also has a great impact on her: she believes that everything made by Mother Nature is perfect, from shapes to colours. There is always something new to learn if you look closely.

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Filippo Gualazzi

Filippo Gualazzi is a creative technologist  and new media artist . His course of study has allowed him to work with important realities in the field of interactive installations, audiovisual performances and multimedia environments. He defines his art strongly influenced and linked to the audiovisual component. His works are almost always some association of audio and video, ranging between light installations, audiovisual shows, videomapping, multimedia environments, digital events and interactive installations.  “My  main interest is to combine physical / real world with new technologies,  often implementing sensors and  interactive systems known in the  practices of interaction design and  Physical Computing”.

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MOOK is an artistic duo born in 2000 from a project by Carlo Nannetti and Francesca Crisafulli. Both live and work in Rome, where they studied and now teach at IED, the European Institute for Design. Their artistic work embraces several art fields and activities such as sculpture, graphics, illustration, design, and workshops for children on art and recycling. They stand out for creating and producing objects with recovered materials, unique pieces born by collecting and assembling element that has been “dumped by the time”. Sea-worn wood, old doors, furniture and fabrics, unused items or parts thereof are recomposed following the rules of artistic recycling until they take on a new form and turn into sculptures or bizarre objects. 
MOOK has always conducted researches in the iconographic-editorial field, promoting exhibitions in many Italian galleries and museums, and working for various Italian companies.
They are mainly inspired by the use of discarded materials, which evoke a historical memory. They are also very interested in the playful dimension of objects, as it connects the observer with his own childhood world, often forgotten, and with the awareness of his being a social subject.

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Called Ruggge, he defines himself as a fomenter of unexpected joys, a night owl designer, a creator of monsters and exhibitions, a creator of sporadic parades, a tamer of shadows, a potter of ceramics, a lover of installations, a pizza eater, a lover of dinosaurs, an orchestrator of workshops and a spreader of collective enthusiasm.
RuGGe was born and grew up in a tedious village in the tundra of Brianza, between 106 discos and 2 pharmacies. He likes to tell stories, draw them with lines or words, prepare herbal teas and add spices to food. He has lots of friends (including Ventolin) and when he grows up he would like to learn to whistle with his fingers.

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Stefka Koleva

Born and living in Bulgaria, internationally graduated in four professional degrees. Working in visual, concept, design, and marketing solutions. Personally, oriented in good causes and social projects. Inspired and motivated by people`s love and the international experience. Standing out with typical interactive work style and friendly mind set of sharing. “I’m inspired by the Great Ideas of “Good” by Plato”.

Discover Stefka Koleva


Prepare to your visit

Welcome at Explora Museum! 


Prepare your visit 

  • Buy the digital tickets to go directly to the pavilion without going through the ticket office.

Download the map for a better visiting experience:  Download the map


  • Prepare the digital tickets on your smartphone (no printing required).

During the visit:

  • Respect your children’s choices: repeated and apparently similar actions are important to enhance their developmental potential;
  • Listen and pay attention to your children: you will focus on their activities and will help them build their competence;
  • Observe your children and how they play;
  • Stimulate their creativity asking questions or giving simple suggestions: let them do. Take part in your children’s play, have fun with them and share their feelings without forgetting to give them the suggestions you consider important for their development through play.




We are at your disposal: always refer to our staff
We are waiting for you!