Strong like the wind!


On October 23rd Explora will host a new exhibit dedicated to wind energy, promoted and sponsored by ANEV, ENERCON GmbH and ERG RENEW. The exhibit will guide younger children through the discovery of one of the most important and most exploited renewable sources of energy in our country.
A game dedicated to discover how the force of the air can move different objects in the long distance. Coloured fabrics will be sucked into tubes and will then be released in an explosion of energy. Children will follow the experiment and will increase their knowledge through stimulation of their minds: as well as learning to know air, the exhibit will help develop psycho-motor skills by following a path (follow a visual path is a first approach to reading) and by recovering fabrics that fall due to the deceleration into the tube.

A totem next to the structure will describe how powerful the wind can be and what its applications for the production of energy are, giving answers to the public’s questions, like a huge encyclopaedia on wind energy.

Explora’s collaboration with ANEV, ENERCON GmbH and ERG RENEW is based on the determination to promote and support a sustainable use of the planet’s resources, particularly for the production of electric energy through natural sources that, like the wind, have no impact on the environment and help reduce the carbon footprint, which is the main cause of climate change. The exhibit aims at educating children about environmental issues, sustainable growth and responsible progress. Understanding the importance of the use of wind energy means to set cornerstones around which anyone can develop their own sensitivity: wind energy is a clean energy that does not release carbon emissions and is produced by windmills in wind parks in full compliance with preservation of landscape and environment. In 2011 Italy ranked seventh among the world’s top ten wind energy producing countries.