Our mission:

  • to encourage and help the natural desire to learn of every child with stimulating, entertaining proposals for children of all ages;
  • to offer children and parents the opportunity to share this fascinating learning experience. Kids will grow up and parents will go back to their childhood;
  • to provide teachers with new challenging experiences, for non-disciplinary learning, to be followed up by class activities;
  • to attract interest and foster a well-disposed attitude towards culture, cooperation and respect for others and the environment;
  • to let children and adults approach science and research promoting culture knowledge and new technologies.

Our main tool: motivated, synergic and enthusiastic staff, who works in order to:

  • project and design of challenging and stimulating exhibits;
  • offer workshops for families and schools, providing education through entertainment;
  • conceive educational activities for teachers, in order to provide innovative tools, that can be considered complementary to the traditional ones;
  • conceive activities and services that ‘meet’ families needs;
  • approach visitors through efficient, effective and appealing communication;
  • ‘take advantage’ of any suggestions or complaints, either internal or external.

Museo dei Bambini Società Cooperativa Sociale onlus is a non-profit organization and is EN ISO 9001:2015 certified, for project and design of educational and interactive exhibits for children aged 0 to 12 (Certificate n° IQ-0607-01 issued by Dasa-Rägister).