CHIC Cultural Hybridation in Common

CHIC Cultural Hybridation in Common is a European project coordinated by Communauté D’agglomeration Plaine Commune (France), focused on the art of stamps, renovated through the new technologies, new technologies, making workshops and craftsmanship techniques.
Along with EXPLORA, the other CHIC partners are:

The objective of the project is to adapt the traditional craft production of stamps with the new technologies, developing and disseminating an open prototype. This is done through 3 main phases:

  • creation: 4 transnational workshops in the partners’ countries on stamps, where to produce stamps in 2d and 3d and where to co-create a machine to reproduce stamps: the pantograph;
  • experimentation:test with the public on the production of stamps with different materials (paper, textile, etc.);
  • digital modelling: a web platform with open source tutorials, galleries and educational descriptions to replicate the workshops created during the project.

In particular, Explora organises:

To know more about CHIC, visit the website.

CHIC is made possible by funding from the European Union through Creative Europe.

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