CHIC: Museum’s green area

The event at Explora will help rediscover the traditional art of stamps through making and ad hoc workshops, in a day with free activities in the open for children and their families.

From 10:00 am to 07:00 pm, more than 150 children can attend 5 different workshops in the Museum’s green area and in the Officina in Cucina (Cooking Lab) space:

 2 workshops to be booked:

From stencilling to stamping  Book now (3-5 years) and From shapes to stamps (6-11 years) to make brilliant creations and learn how to make stamps, from concept to creation, from carved lino using a pantograph

2 free-of-charge stations:

Colour stamps (3-5 years) and Make your own stamp (6-11 years), to have fun with colours and stamps in a creative way through the use of different media;

Officina in Cucina workshop (Cooking Lab) to be booked:

Sweet stamps (5-11 years), to make delicious coloured cake pops to share with friends.


Join the maker design world and find out how to boost your creativity!

For more informations on the European project, visit the Pagina dedicata



CHIC is a project co-funded by Creative Europe, a European Commission’s programme.