How does Explora financially support itself?

Museo dei Bambini Società Cooperativa Sociale Onlus (Social Co-operative) runs Explora. It has been founded in 1998 and is included in the “Camera di Commercio” business register and it’s a member of “Albo delle Cooperative Sociali”, Confederazione Cooperative Italiane, Federsolidarietà, Confcooperative – Unione Provinciale di Roma.

Explora is a non-profit Cooperative, with a female majority. Its main mission is to set up and run this institution dedicated to children, schools and families.

Social report 2018

Explora is a private museum with no public fundings: the museum ticket is the main important income for the cooperative. Explora supports itself mainly thanks to tickets, corporate sponsorships, European and national calls, services, shop and bookshop.