When I grow up I’ll be… say it with a drawing

“As for the future, your task is not to foresee it, but to enable it.”

When I grow up I’ll be is an initiative for children who can tell about themselves in a self-portrait from the future through animated drawings: the initiative has been co-developed by Explora and NO APP, a book published by Edizioni Lapis about digital creativity; the initiative is also part of Il Maggio Dei Libri, a nation-wide campaign that invites to bring books and reading habits to places other than conventional venues, with initiatives scheduled every year between April 23rd and May 31st, as well as of the 2020 edition of the Kid Pass Days,  the first digital event for families, conceived for discovering the cultural, historical and scientific heritage of Italy, which will take place on May 9th and 10th.


How can you make an animated drawing?

There’s no need for an app to make an animated drawing, apart from what children already have in their mind: creativity. Just add paper, coloured pencils and a smartphone. Does it sound complicated? Not at all, it’s easy as a pie: 

1- Read carefully the tips provided in the video next here;
2- Think about what job you would like to do when you grow up;
3- Take paper, coloured pencils, scissors and borrow a smartphone;
4- Ask a brother of yours or an adult to help you with shooting;
5- Do a composition using your drawing and a smartphone, shoot the whole thing using the second smartphone;
6- Show everyone your “animated” drawing: add it to the posts’ comments about the initiative on Explora social channels and don’t forget to tag the Explora Museum each time. 



A future for children

Hanging to a thin thread of hope, these very days the future has become uncertain and turned into a taboo; goals and expectations are swept away by a stormy wind, ending up in a dusty tumbleweed that any attempt to get closer would send it spinning again. In all this disquieting frenzy, there’s a category to support, whose dreams cannot be denied: children.

No child should be left without hope or goal.
This message is to be conveyed by the statement “When I grow up I’ll be”, a statement that is a projection into the future, an effort to continue interpreting these present days, like many boards leading out to a destination, where expectations and goals can be fulfilled, where “everything is possible” does exist.
The real challenge is to put no limits to ambition, anyone can dream to be whoever they want to be, all it takes is just to take action with a fair share of commitment and ambition.
With the When I grow up I’ll be campaign, Explora recognises that common responsibility is the tool that enables children to reach self-fulfilment.
School, the primary tool that enables anyone to qualify for a future job: beyond individual choices it helps convey culture and encourage stimuli by learning to know and getting to know one another; within families, which help convey values such as respect for oneself and others, equality and gender equality, and within the community in general, which should continue to make sure that each step to the future will be taken in dignity. When I grow up I’ll be is a national and international cooperation initiative, aimed at pursuing priorities, starting from the youngest into whose hands we are entrusting the future of our planet, and not merely coloured pencils.

Join the initiative and send your portrait from the future! 





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