Water, wind, sun, biomass and geothermal energy. Will these renewable energies determine our future? These sustainable energy sources are available to us in almost unlimited amounts. But how can we use them best?Energy Island – Discovering renewable energies, is a project born from the collaboration with SCICOM (European Network of Science Centre Communicating Energy Related Topics). It is supported by the EU Seventh Framework Programme and is dedicated to children in order to make them aware of the importance of respecting environment and energy sources.
Rome was the first stop of a journey throughout Europe: Aberdeen, Tallinn, Bremen, Paris, Zurich and Wels. Five sections stimulate children’s senses and interaction:

Geothermal:children learn more on underground energy sources. Visitors touch stones artificially heated. The different heat level of each stone simulate different distances from the earth’s crust.

Biomass: through this exhibit students can touch and smell several kinds of biomasses, among which pellet and chipboard. Through the analysis of a diagram children find out that producing energy with these materials is possible.

Wind: with the help of rotors and ventilators children study the efficiency of wind in changing conditions.

Sun: a spotlight start a boat with a solar panel on its top. The panel transforms light in energy and the boat moves led by children.

Water: The experiment shows how to produce energy from waves. Children light the bulb on the top of the container with water and floats.

Children can then test their skills at the exhibit called Energy Island: visitors place on the model representing a 3D island 5 cylinders (water, wind, sun, geothermal and biomass), combining the sources in order to power the island. The result is showed on the lighting sign. From 2/11/2009 to 14/02/2010.

With the support of the EU Seventh Framework