Explora 18

A play space which includes 5 exhibits dedicated to colourarchitecture and history. 

Part of the Explora18: the first 18 years of Explora, between industrial heritage, hand-crafted skills and new technology project, is made by: 
  • Explora la Luce – Explora light, an interactive early childhood play-based activity which includes new 5 exhibits dedicated to colour theory and light physics that integrates interactive technological systems with an easy-to-understand sensory and perceptual experience and allows to gain a deeper insight into light and colour behaviours;
  • Colour – a large wall to play with colour theory among Newton discs and fun optical effects;
  • Red, Yellow, Blue – a tessellation table inspired by tangram that allows the youngest to play with shapes and experiment with the addition of three colours using different coloured tiles;
  • Build your museum – an interactive puzzle for rebuilding the museum with items coming from different architectural styles where fantasy and architecture blend together;
  • Explora history – an interactive exhibit based on a quiz with some fun facts on the museum area to discover history, archaeology, architecture, botany and geography.

How to play: Explora18 is a permanent exhibit of the Museum, for free use during all visits..


Explora18 is a project co-funded by the European Union, ERDF Funds – European Regional Development Fund, 2014-2020, POR – Programma Operativo Regione Lazio.