AAA Festival in Rome

“I have learned that you are never too small to make a difference”.
Greta Thunberg


From Friday 19th to Sunday, November 21st, Explora is host to the AAA Festival: three days to illustrate “Accessible Art for All”, the European project that made it possible to bring works of art to unusual places, such as toilet facilities at Explora, by turning them into works of Toilet Art. A special programme of free workshops and activities with artists, set up in the outdoor area and the Museum: 

  • November 19th – opening for schools and the visit to the Museum
  • November 20th – free workshop by artist RuGGGe
  • November 20th – free workshop by artists Cristina Damiani and Mook 
  • November 21th – free workshop by artist RuGGGe 
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Art, social inclusion and environmental sustainability: the toilet art by the Explora museum.

Explora was created to turn play experience into an opportunity for growth, experimentation and awareness-raising of issues related to the environment and sustainable development, through exhibits and themed hints designed to playfully convey concepts and make the public more aware of issues involving the entire community.

So far no one had ever thought of continuing Explora’s identity in the bathrooms: the opportunity comes with the AAA – Accessible Art for All project, through toilet art from the works by a group of Mook artists and Cristina Damiani. The Toilet Art message at Explora, plunging visitors into an underwater background populated with sea icons, abysses, fish and coral reefs, highlights the fundamental role of the toilet as a place of inclusion, a community space to share and a place for interaction between human beings and Nature towards sustainability and environment-friendliness. It’s just on the latter point that the awareness-raising campaign that inspired Explora to come up with the AAA Festival is based: drinking water shortage, drought, sea pollution are part of the reality we live in. That’s how our choices need to turn into cooperation and dialogue, become a message devoid of any architectonic barriers or distinctions, to reach everyone.


A sea of actions
During the three-day festival, special guests Marevivo and WWF: a video station to immerse ourselves in Nature, discover biodiversity and understand the meaning of environmental protection.




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