Carta Amici Card

Carta Amici Card is the cheaper way to visit Explora throughout the year.

Form the choice that best suits you!

  • 1 adult € 50,00
  • 1 child from 3 years € 50,00
  • 1 baby/toddler 0-36 months* € 25,00

*except for children who will be 3 in the first 6 months from the card issue date

Membership conditions:

  • Carta Amici is valid for a 12-month period from the issue date
  • The card is non-transferable for children, while it is transferable for adults
  • on weekends and bank holidays book your visits and collect your free admissions at the ticket office 15 minutes before the opening of the museum, otherwise you will lose your booking

Membership benefits:

  • Unlimited admissions to Explora for 12 months
  • 10% off: shop, restaurant, birthday parties at the museum (reductions can not be combined)
  • Monthly e-newsletter


For further information: Tel. 06 3613776,

Do you have Carta Amici?

If your card has numerical code as 4210, La tua carta amici ha un codice numerico, ad esempio 4210, it was generated before 27 December 2021.
To book click here:


If your card has alphabetical cod as AB, it was generated ?, Ad esempio AB8Z1GZA allora è stata generata  with the new purchasing system issued on 27 December 2021. To book click here:


Reserved tickets must be collected from the ticket office no later than 15 minutes before the time of entry.

Why are there two different ways to booking?
On 27 December 2021, we released the new season ticket purchase system, which will allow the card to be obtained directly on the purchaser’s email without having to pick up the coupon at the ticket office. All cards that were created before 27 December 2021 will use a reservation system, while all new issues will use the new reservation system, which will become the only one allowed on 27 December 2022.