Officina in cucina

Officina in Cucina, the Cooking Lab, a workshop area separate from the exhibit pavilion, where food education lessons take place, will come back in October.

Officina in cucina will turn into a unique moment to add when visiting Explora, and will give the would-be young chefs the chance to test their cooking skills and have fun with ovens, tables and many curious tools.

Workshop lasts 50 minutes:

  • age: 3-5 and 6-11 years 
  • when: Saturdays, Sundays and holidays
  • entry times: 3-5 years at 10.45
    6-11 years at 15.45 
  • where: via Flaminia, 80
  • event to be booked.


Workshop €10.00.

Entry ticket to the exhibit pavilion is € 6.00 only if visits take place on the same day.

Tickets are limited and can be bought directly online or booked by calling 063613776; tickets must be collected at least 30 minutes before the workshop starts.
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