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Rome, 28/11/2019
Museo dei Bambini SCS Onlus

From October 12th, 2019 Officina in Cucina, Cooking Lab events are back! The Explora workshops will take place in an area outside the exhibit pavilion where children can learn about new ingredients in a real kitchen and challenge their skills among ovens, tables and lots of odd tools to make the perfect recipe to share with friends.

The new season will bring new workshops – What pasta are you? – to prepare tasty fresh pasta dishes: pasta, which is made by mixing flour and water, has been part of the diet of many populations since ancient times; many ingredients were added in the course of time: eggs, whole flours or vegetables, and pasta was filled with meat, cheese or vegetables.

Fresh pasta preparation is a moment for children to develop their skills: manual activities offer tactile sensory experiences; all other senses are also involved in the transformation of materials that stimulates children’s curiosity and observation.

Officina in Cucina, Cooking Lab presents children with a selection of homemade fresh pasta recipes from the Italian tradition:

  • WHOLEMEAL DUMPLINGS October 12th – December 1st (white flour, wholemeal flour, water, extra-virgin oil, salt)
    These tender dough balls made of mixed flours have become a classic recipe of the Italian cuisine. Accompanied with some original sauces, dumplings can be served as a main course or side dish.
  • MEZZELUNE December 7th – January 26th (white flour, egg, salt, soft cheese for filling)
    A filled fresh pasta recipe, mezzelune is made of a very thin sheet of egg pasta filled with a tasty soft cheese; 
  • WHOLEMEAL MALTAGLIATI February 1st – March 29th (white flour, wholemeal flour, water, extra-virgin oil, salt)
    Made of scraps from the egg pasta used for tagliatelle, and cut arbitrarily, maltagliati pasta is perfect for the preparation of broths or bean soups;
  • TAGLIATELLE April 4th – May 31st (white flour, egg, salt)
    A typical egg fresh pasta, tagliatelle differs from other recipes for its length, width and thickness. Tagliatelle was awarded recognition from the Camera di Commercio Industria Artigianato e Agricoltura of Bologna which stated its recommended measures.

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The workshop lasts 50 minutes

Age Group: 5-11 years;
When: from Saturday, October 12th: on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays;
Time: at 10:45 am and 03:45 pm.
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Ticket price: workshop € 10.00. Entry ticket to the exhibit pavilion is € 6.00 only if visits take place on the same day.

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