I read and invent

I READ AND INVENT – animated and interactive readings to rediscover classics for early childhood through play improvisation and technology is a project conceived and made by Explora and by the improvisational theatre company I Bugiardini for the Public Notice IO LEGGO – REGIONE LAZIO – Attività e iniziative di promozione e valorizzazione del libro e della lettura che si svolgono nel territorio.

The project offers a free cycle of 16 animated and interactive readings at the Explora bookshop aimed at:

  • familiarising child non-readers aged 3 to 6 years and their parents with reading
  • getting child readers aged 6 to 10 and their parents more involved and attracted to reading.

I Read and Invent combines reading with play improvisation and technology, adding innovation: each reading, designed and conducted by the Explora facilitators and improvisational actors, will focus on one of the classics from children’s literature; each piece will be rediscovered and reworked through a tech workshop using innovative programming languages (base coding) and software applications (production of stop-motion animations).

Specifically, the formats based on a learning-by-doing approach, typical of Explora, are the following:

  • I read, invent and programme, where child non-readers (3-6 years) and their parents rework plots by programming robots along paths which allow to customise stories and settings just listened to. Photo Gallery;
  • IMPRObable animated readings, where child readers (6-10 years) rework plots by using a stop-motion animation on a ipad/tablet, re-inventing stories and making their own multimedia creative products, Photo Gallery.

Main results achieved by the project:

  • an increase by 20 percent in appreciation and interest in reading, measured by having participants fill in questionnaires before and after;
  • 8 new workshops for animated readings based on the books for 3-6 years aged children Aesop Fables – The turtle and the hare, Pippi Longstocking, The princess and the pea, My Pinocchio and for 6-10 years aged children Orlando furioso and in love, King Arthur, Hercules and the three Golden Apples, Roman Myths;
  • approximately 200 children and 180 parents being involved;
  • Tips & Tricks, videotutorials and promotional material giving tips and suggesting tricks for parents to make reading more entertaining and absorbing at home. See our videos: Video 1 Video 2 Video 3

Timespan for the project: 01/02/2017- 05/31/2017

Project funded by the regional law 21 ottobre 2008, n. 16 – Avviso pubblico “IO LEGGO”


Leggo e invento