Festival Liberty

Join the Festival Liberty, free activities on the theme of Art and creativity as part of outdoor education, taking place at weekends in the Museum’s green area.

The activities free of charge and to be booked through Eventbritewill be available before the Liberty – Festival of Visual Arts, taking place in spring with artists, events and special workshops.

During each one-hour visit, children will have the chance to create works inspired by the theme of the Rights of the Child. Their works will be then assembled into a digital creative mosaic and put on display during the Festival.



LIBERTY is in Rome at Explora with a Festival of Visual Arts: the Liberty Exposition of Illustration, set up in the Museum’s hall and garden, is the result of a collaboration between 8 European artists who reinterpreted the United Nations Convention on the Right of the Child.

The six European artists, the authors of the panels on display in the Museum’s hall, namely British Olivia Collins and Lauren Jefferis (the Pickle team), Lithuanian Rasa JančIauskaitė, Spanish Helga Ambak, Latvian Lote Vilma and French Jean Mallard, are joined by the Italian artists who are the authors of the works on display in the garden, Noemi Vola and Andrea Antinori, internationally renowned illustrators for children’s books.



Per qualsiasi informazione scrivi a biglietteria@mdbr.it o chiama il numero 063613776 (dal venerdì alla domenica dalle 11.00 alle 19.00)