Métiss’age Junior Street Festival

Métissage Junior Street Festival 2011 – “Vita in città”,”La vie dans la Ville”,”Life in the City” is an European project selected by EACEA Education Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency – Culture Programme (2007-2013).

The project aimed to create a connection between artists and different cultures, involving the children, as main actors of the project, in the painting of a large urban fresco in 3 European Capital Cities using the “Street Painting” technique.

After the events at La Villette in Paris and at Battersea Park in London in September 2011, Métiss’age Junior Street Festival 2011 came to Rome, the unique event in Italy, with a great event organised by Explora which involved over 1,000 children and parents as participants.

The festival topic – come to its 8th edition in France and for the first time in Italy – was “Life in the City”.  During the previous months, Explora’ staff worked with the children organising focus groups aimed to list ideas and keywords on this topic and to understand what the children think of their life in the city. The town, in the childrens’ view, is a whole of streets, bridges, cables, pipes, people of different cultures, gardens, monuments, squares, offices, houses, chaos, noises, pigeons, dogs, cats and dogs’ poop. The MOOK artista have turned these ideas into artistic images represented on 35 canvas then painted by the children.

On 2nd October 2011, 1000 children from 2 to 12 years old and their families created a collective urban painting on a 300 sqm canvas, the material used for large sets helped by Explora facilitators, the MOOK artists and Denise Lupi, a set designer from TEATRO DELL’OPERA DI ROMA. The canvas have been spread out on the external area at Explora which has begun the place for the expression of children’s creativity. The event has been a great celebration of creativity and culture with music and juggling, where children have had the occasion to play, to meet people and to naturally expressing themselves. The 35 pieces of canvas have been layed at Explora: each single picture has been set up and displayed on the walls of the external area and the hall of the museum where anybody will have the opportunity to visit the exhibition – free admission.

Project duration: 01/01/2010 – 31/01/2012