Mission possible

The hands-on exhibition touring starts from Explora towars Europe to explain the Bioeconomy in a fun and interactive way.

Mission Possible – Will Bioeconomy save the world? is the new interactive exhibition established through the European project Bioprom which has involved researchers and designers from five European countries (Austria, Estonia, Germany, Italy and United Kingdom) and whose aim is to communicate Bioeconomy science to the public.

Bioeconomy is a word we shall to live with, in particular in the field of food, agriculture and biotechnology. What is it? How does it affect our daily life? The Bioeconomy encompasses the sustainability of agriculture, food, protection of animal health and biotechnology; it supports the use of organic and biological resources and the sustainable production. Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Well-being, Biotechnology and Life Sciences are the three thematic areas which make up the exhibition: through these three topics, the interactive exhibits and fun scientific workshops, the visitors can understand the Bioeconomy socio-economic and technological implications. From 12/04/2013 to 3/11/2013.

With the support of the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission

Age: +7