Sustainable Fishing

Sustainable Fishing is an interactive exhibit, made by Explora in collaboration with Findus, to learn about and experiment on the marine environment preservation.

The exhibit was built upon the desire to promote the theme of sustainable fishing, making children aware of it in an innovative way through the learning-by-doing approach.

Activities are based on the three core principles of the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council), the most important organisation that safeguards marine ecosystems and sustainable fishing:

  • Fishing activity must be at a level which ensures it can continue indefinitely;
  • Fishing operations must be managed to maintain the structure, productivity, function and diversity of the ecosystems;
  • Fisheries must comply with relevant laws and have a management system in place that is responsive to changing circumstances.

At Explora, children can learn through play about the need to safeguard fish stocks, to protect the marine ecosystems and to be compliant with regulations.

As part of the exhibit, an animation will also involve children in fishing in the Museum’s pond; the aim is to identify fish species that can be caught and fish species that need to be protected.

After the animation, each participant will receive a certificate of attendance with gadgets.

Thanks to Findus

Visit the calendar to find out how to attend

When: from June 10th
Age: 6 years and up