Google RISE Awards

Have you ever made a video game?

Attend the “Coding 4 All”  the free afterschool activity: 2 day camp for girls to have them acquire basic programming skills and greater awareness about the use of digital media.

On December 18th and 19th at Explora, from 4.00pm to 6.30pm (welcoming from 3.45pm), the camp will days scheduled as follows:




The winter coding camps is a 2 day programme that includes:

Campus Coding4All - Winter 2017
December 18thDecember 19th
  • Intro to Scratch and to the programming interface.
  • Let’s build our first animated story

Information Call number (+39) 063613776 for booking (required); admission to the Coding 4 All Camp is limited, free and reserved for girls aged 11-12 years; only girls attending middle school will be admitted; one-day booking is not allowed.

Explora Museo dei Bambini di Roma is officially among the 28 organisations being granted the Google RISE Award 2016. The Google Rise Awards are annual grants for non-profit organisations worldwide that promote computer science education involving approximately 12 million pre-university students in training projects. The programme engages girls, low income communities, and other minorities who are currently under-represented in the field of Computer Science and new technologies. Since 2010, the Google RISE Awards have provided grants for 5 million dollars to more than 200 organisations in 45 countries, reaching 1 million students and teachers. The Google RISE Awards winners are a community of passionate and vibrant educators and supporters; they are changemakers who teach and stimulate students through out-of-school activities.

Through the Coding 4 All project, Explora has been the only organisation in Italy to receive the award for its commitment to increasing young students’ access to Computer Science (CS) education.

Coding 4 All is supported by the Google K-12 Education Outreach Fund of Tides Foundation.