• National, European and International Projects

    Explora has been implementing a series of national, European and international projects, building solid networks with private and public institutions, in Italy and in Europe.

    Should you be interested in developing new ideas and projects, please contact the National and EU project Dept.: bandi@mdbr.it, segreteria@mdbr.it

    Here is a list of projects implemented at national, European and international level:


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    (Italiano) Un museo per tutti

    (Italiano) Per tutti è il viaggio che trasforma Explora in un luogo (più) accessibile a tutti. 


    The project to bring children closer to music through innovative solutions.

    Toby’s Friends

    The project dedicated to sustainability and environmental protection. Toby’s Friends is a…

    (Italiano) Io Non Odio

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    (Italiano) ExploraEducation – Cosa impariamo oggi?

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    Creativity and civic engagement: The UNPLUGGED project aims to release a board…

    AAA. Accessible Art for All

    AAA. Accessible Art for All is a project co-funded by the Creative Europe…

    (Italiano) Grow up with STEM

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    (Italiano) Explora18

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    LIBERTY is a project co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the…


    DISTINTI MA NON DISTANTI is a project promoted by the Associazione per la…


    EMMA – Enhancing Motivation and competences through Mobilities Abroad is a training…


    STEM*Lab – Scoprire, Trasmettere, Emozionare, Motivare (Discover, Convey, Excite, Motivate) is a multiregional project…


    Voices of Solidarity (VOICES) is a project co-financed by the Creative Europe…


    Digital technologies have become our daily lives. Children in particular are enthusiastic…


    CREAM is a project co-financed by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union. The project aims to innovate the traditional craft sectors of letterpress & printing through the co-creation of 4 kids fablabs, inspired by tinkering and the maker culture.


    EuroSTEAM is an Erasmus+ funded project which aims to provide accessible STEAM camps throughout Europe which teachers can use in their classrooms to enhance the students experience of the STEAM subjects.

    People First

    PEOPLE FIRST is a mobility project for the Explora staff co-funded by…

    Robotics workshops at the museum: approaches and learning evaluation

    Robotics Workshops at the Museum: assessing methods and learning processes is a research project co-developed by Explora and the Robotics Laboratory for Cognitive and Social Sciences at the University of Milan – Bicocca.


    Coding 4 All empowers girls aged 11-12 and peripheral low–income communities with the use of computer programming, promoting an interest and encouraging studies and carriers in computer science. Support was provided by the Google K-12 Education Outreach Fund of Tides Foundation.


    JOURNEYS is a project co-financed by Creative Europe that promotes the integration of refugees through visual arts and theatre performances.

    CHIC Cultural Hybridation in Common

    CHIC Cultural Hybridation in Common is a European project focused on the art of stamps, renovated through the new technologies.

    I read and invent

    I read and invent is a project aimed at the promotion of reading combining it with play improvisation and technology.

    Explora 2.0

    Explora 2.0 is a project aiming at the creation of a database which collects data about the museum visitors and users. The main goal is to create a CRM system for marketing and communication actions.

    Weaving Europe: Artefacts, Values Exchanges

    ZigZag – Textile, fibre and felt: it’s a Smart Child’s play! event is the main output ofWeaving Europe: Artefacts, Values & Exchanges – Cycles of cultural events and ateliers to discover Culture and Art through Textiles and Fibre Artefacts in Europe project.

    NANOPINION Monitoring public opinion on Nanotechnology in Europe

    NANOPINION – Monitoring public opinion on Nanotechnology in Europe, 290575 FP7-NMP-2011-CSA is the European project coordinated by ECSITE, the European Network of Science Centers and Science Museums, which aims to raise awareness of Nanotechnology and Applied Research in this field.


    BIOPROM project consortium – financied by FP7 – is a Co–ordination and Support Action for bringing together experts who work with and on new concepts for communicating Bio-Economy (economy based on biological and renewable resources) science to the public.

    Say Do Science

    SAY DO SCIENCE is a national project supported by MIUR (Ministry of Education and University) which involves a network of 10 Italian museums. The project’s goal is the promotion and dissemination of the scientific and technological culture involving museum staff operators and visitors, in particular schools and families.

    Instructions for the Future

    Instructions for the Future (IF) Informal education as a tool for the dissemination of scientific culture is a national project (2012), co-financed by the Italian Ministry of University and Scientific and Technological Research, through a network of nine Italian Science Museums.

    Métiss’age Junior Street Festival

    Métissage Junior Street Festival 2011 – “Vita in città”,”La vie dans la Ville”,”Life in the City” is an European project selected by EACEA Education Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency – Culture Programme (2007-2013).


    Active is a project supported by the European Commission, that aims to use animation as tool to educate, entertain and inspire kids aged 5 to 8 to enjoy and adopt a healthier lifestyle by eating sensibly and getting fit.

    Eco – Animation

    Eco-Animation is a European project that aims at the production of three fun animations. With the help of the main characters, children will learn that they too can make positive changes that make a difference to our natural environment.

    Young Energy Savers

    Young Energy Savers (YES), is a fun and exciting new TV animation project aimed at raising awareness among children about energy consumption, alternative and clean energy and sustainable transportation.

    SCICOM (European Network of Science Centers in communicating energy-related topics)

    SCICOM is supported by the EU 7FP. Its objective is to disseminate Science to the audience through a network of science centres with focus on renewable energy topics.