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A sea of creativity

The installation to discover sustainability. 


Meeting of shapes

Imagine a large magnetic wall where to find many coloured shapes. Approfondisci

Creative & Digital Ateliers

As of April 15th, discover the new Creative & Digital Ateliers: Liberty, a series of video tutorials to get to know better, through stories and workshops, some of the characters on the Liberty canvases: children’s rights in the illustrations, the exhibition that involved 8 Italian and international artists who painted 12 works of art set up in the Museum’s hall and garden.
Every Thursday, a new video tutorial will be available: the video will be published in this article, on our Youtube channel and on the Museum’s social channels.

Every Thursday, a new video tutorial will be available: the video will be published in this article, on our Youtube channel and on the Museum’s social channels.  


Do you know the meaning of the word universality? What does expressing yourself mean? What should be the characteristics of the best bodyguards? Three characters turn into main characters of engaging stories and creative workshops on the United Nations Convention rights number 2, 20 and 13, revisited and translated into paintings by Noemi Vola and Andrea Antinori, two illustrators for children’s books.

Video tutorials are based on materials easy to find and on simple steps… as well as a special component, the children’s imagination.

The last workshop that ends the series of the Liberty video tutorials is the digital creativity workshop using  Scratch. We can programme an interactive experience where characters in the paintings turn into nice sprites.








Article 13

You have the right to freedom of expression through speech or arts, exceeding freely in measure and monumentality.
Let’s build noughts and crosses table game and play with the right to expression.



Article 20

You have the right to be protected by the best bodyguards.
Let’s turn a crocodile into a pantograph to find out the right to be protected.


Article 2

Your rights must be respected regardless of your nationality, religion, colour of your skin, eyes, and hair; regardless of your favourite cartoon, sport, or preferred ice-cream flavour. This also applies to disobedient children.

Let’s learn about universality and build a game with a curious character from the canvas.


Did you make a work of art after watching these video tutorials? Post your work of art with the hashtag #FestivalLiberty and tag the Explora Museum:


The activities are the result of the LIBERTY project, co-financed by the Creative Europe program of the European Union which was created to deal with issues of community cohesion, migration, local and European identity, through festivals and artistic performances in Europe.

LIBERTY involves Explora with a Festival of Visual Arts: set up in the hall and garden of the Museum, the Liberty Illustration Exhibition, the result of the collaboration of 8 European artists who have reinterpreted the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.
The six European artists, authors of the panels in the hall, such as the British Olivia Collins and Lauren Jefferis (duo Pickle), the Lithuanian Rasa JančIauskaitė, the Spanish Helga Ambak, the Latvian Lote Vilma and the French Jean Mallard, are joined by the Italian artists authors of the works of the garden, Noemi Vola and Andrea Antinori, internationally renowned children’s illustrators.


Carnival 2018: Decorate with Style

On schedule at Explora: Decorate with Style, the event for true carnival enthusiasts.
On February 8th-10th-11th and 13th, for children aged 3 to 11 years, two workshops divided by age groups, to discover hats and disguises.

The craziest period of the year is an opportunity to stimulate wits and creativity: use glue, scissors, glitter and cardboard to create your own hat and become many different bizarre characters. Wearing a hat is a way for children to represent emotions, and relate with others and their own physicality by overturning daily perception in a fun way.

Decorate with Style Workshops:

  • Carnival Follies is the workshop for children aged 3-5 years: disguised as a jester, you’ll bring lots of cheers to your friends. Coloured paper triangles, bells and glue for a nice party-proof hat!
  • I have only Carnival on my mind is the workshop for children aged 6-11 years: learn how to make a hat using many different materials, many shapes and colours, taking care of design and model.

The Carnival workshops add creativity by stimulating the children’s curiosity and interest as well as their artistic skills.

Don’t let any strange ideas come into your head, wear a hat!

Technical partner Henkel-Pritt

Age: 3-11 years
When: February 8th and 13th at 03:00 pm and 05:00 pm, Saturday, 10th and Sunday, 11th at 10:00 am, 12:00 pm, 03:00 pm and 05:00 pm.
How to attend: Workshop is included in the Museum ticket price, number of participants is limited.
To be booked at the museum within 30 minutes after visit starts.

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