A sea of creativity

The installation to discover sustainability. 

Queer creatures move around the silent sea bottom, pushed along by ocean currents. Before our eyes, we see razor-sharp finned shredder fish swimming by, robot submarines sucking up waste and several starfish grabbing plastic with their arms. Their colours catch every hue of the rainbow, shapes encircling all fantasies. At first sight, we seem to dive into an alien ecosystem, maybe only some deepest-sea expeditions had the chance to watch such original, yet never that valuable, creatures. We see unique contraptions coming alive towards the goal of cleaning up the oceans.

In questa installazione l’arte digitale raggiunge un valore sociale, diventando arte partecipata, grazie alla condivisione degli obiettivi dal forte messaggio di cooperazione: i piccoli artisti non collaborano solo alla realizzazione di un’opera, ma riflettono su missioni sostenibili, inventano e sperimentano insieme cercando di trovare una soluzione all’inquinamento marino.


Where do these original contraptions come from? The works of the children’s creativity, made with glue, coloured paper, pencils and scissors, turn into animated creations that become alive digitally. We are in the interactive space called A sea of creativity, consisting of a digital installation that allows the youngest to explore creativity beyond the tangible world and adds movement to their works in the virtual environment of the sea bottom.

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