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    (Italiano) Gioca con la Radio

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    (Italiano) Incontri di forme

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    (Italiano) Economia circolare – Gioco di Squadra

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    Explora 18

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    “All citizens have equal social dignity and are equal before the law, without distinction of sex, race, language, religion, political opinion, personal and social conditions.” Read more… »

    Made in Explora

    Made in Explora is a space for creating, experimenting and designing for schools, families and teachers, being part of the CREATIVE MAKERS: kids’ fablabs for letterpress & printing inspired by tinkering and making (CREAM) project. 


    “Economiamo, let’s save: earn and save, donate and invest, economy has never been that fun!” is a new exhibition on economic education, Read more… »

    Sustainable Fishing

    Sustainable Fishing is an interactive exhibit, made by Explora in collaboration with Findus, to learn about and experiment on the marine environment preservation. Read more… »

    Valuable Plastic

    Plastic is valuable: grind, press, process, extrude, wind up, draw, 3D print: this is how you can unveil the secrets of plastic and learn how to recycle consciously. Read more… »

    Strong like the wind!

    STRONG LIKE THE WIND! is the circular exhibit that allows you to play with the wind and find out how strong it is. Read more… »

    Next Stop Explora

    Become a real train driver for a day: switch the control panel on, turn the key, close the doors, pull the lever and get ready to start the train. From the driver cab, you will be able to operate a scale model of the new Frecciarossa 1000 train Read more… »

    Cosa mangio: scelgo, scopro, acquisto

    Do your shopping: pick up a basket, look for products, weigh, find out the price and take it to the check-out. At Explora’s Read more… »


    Kitchen a place at the table is a place on the planet

    The kitchen is the ideal place where we can understand the meaning of “Conscious Consumption” Read more… »

    ELT’s second life

    We live in a society where cars, scooters and vehicles are fundamental for our lives: what happens to all their tires once they have lost Read more… »

    Lil’ Explorers

    A safe, coloured and inspiring area for kids under 3. Here lil’ explorers will be able to go through lairs, holes, soft scented tunnels, Read more… »

    In the garden

    Play with vegetables which is born and grows in the garden, collect and learn how to recognize the different vegetables Read more… »

    Play with water

    A large pool where children and adults can experiment and play with the water. Create a vortex, pour, join the pipes to make the water flow, Read more… »

    Here come the firemen

    Here come the firemen! Put one a real fireman’s helmet, boots and drive a real fire truck, are you ready? The role-playing game Read more… »

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