• Free-access green area


    The green area is a large free-admission outdoor space for children and families who can have fun in a safe area equipped with playgrounds and photo exhibitions. 
    Through experimenting and play, children socialise and develop imagination, creativity, motor and manual skills.

    In the green area, they can:

    • Playing with water and sand helps children relax, interact and cooperate. Water and sand are natural stimuli that develop their sense of touch, creativity and manual skills;
    • Pulley play helps children meet their needs of movement, space exploration, knowledge of their bodies and skills. Children challenge their skills and develop self-confidence;
    • Climbing helps children gain body and psychomotor skills. Free play provides endless physical stimuli.

    Moreover, children can visit and discover photo exhibitions, which are part of European projects and awareness events that tell about dedicated days and activities by engaging the public.