• Parking

    Fee-paying parking lot
    Reserved to Explora visitors
    Via Flaminia 86

    Opening and closing times
    Monday – Sunday: 8.00 am to midnight
    August: 8.00 am to midnight (from August 10th to 14th from 8.00am to 5 pm – August 15th the parking is closed)


    *Fee-paying parking lot reserved to Explora Visitors; entrance from Via D. A. Azuni or Via Flaminia.

    (On your GPS device, just type “Via Domenico Alberto Azuni, I” and go straight to the entrance of your parking lot.)

    Are you a museum visitor and did you park your car in the Explora Parking Area?
     Remember to ask for the parking voucher in order to benefit from the visitor rate. 


    Visitors' fee- Automatic pay station
    To benefit from visitor’s fee:
    1) Collect your voucher at the ticket office when you purchase Explora tickets
    2) Pay parking fee at the automatic pay station
    3) You have 15 minutes of time to exit

    0€ 15 minutes
    No validation:
    use the same ticket to exit
    2,00 € 15 minutes – 3 hours
    3,00 € For any additional hour or fraction after 3 hours

    Non visitors' fee

    The parking fee is high to discourage people, Non visiting the museum from entering

    0€ up to15 minutes
    No validation requieres:
    use the same ticket to exit
    5,00 € 15 minutes – 1 hour
    3,00 € For any additional hour or fraction after the first hour

    Parking lot’s opening and closing times
    Monday – Sunday : 8.00 am to midnight
    August: 8.00 am to midnight (Excluding the closing week of the entire complex in august- check page)

    Cars should be collected before closing times.

    Fee-paying parking 
    Lot exclusively reserved to Explora visitors, and limited to their visit’s time

    Parking lot is under video surveillance 
    is unattended and the museum takes no responsibility for damages or stolen goods.

    If you leave the parking lot within 15 minutes after your arrival, you will pay no parking fee and can usethe sameticketto exit

    In case of need use the intercom
to talk to the operator or go to the ticket office

    The parking has a limited capacity.