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logo-wowWOW aims to present science as an engaging and funny activity, which can be successfully married with comics, namely one of the most entertaining and effective communication tools in modern popular culture. People not specifically inclined to science, will be happy to meet and interact with comics by great and well recognized cartoonists, and – at the end of the journey – they will discover a new way to look at science. The programs are especially devoted to kids and young people.

The main goal of our initiative is to try to put in interaction two amazing fields of human experience such as comics and Science, and to use this interaction to arouse the attendees’ interest, on account of the sheer beauty and fascination of the adventure of Science, in the effort of popularizing the little-known fact that the research community is composed by absolutely charming and passionate people. On an historical scale, comics as a language are a very young medium, and while their entertaining potential made them all-popular and recognized worldwide, their usage for communication purposes is oftentimes overlooked and still to be fully explored. Following some previous successful experiences, we think of comics as a visual medium for storytelling, which can and should be used in order to promote and make Science popular among kids and young people, given its ability in quickly conveying entertainment and high-impact messages, reaching out to people not used to, and as a rule not interested in the standard, sometimes tedious, procedures of science as it is academically taught and learned.

Our idea is to prove not simply how Science can and should be engaging and entertaining to any curious person (as good Science always is to Scientists), but also how the very people promoting Science in the trenches of everyday research – Researchers – are not only bright and intelligent persons, but can also be witty, fun-loving and nice individuals. What we want to prove is that having comics artists, graphic novelists and cartoonists at large meeting with Researchers, in front of and together with general audiences, is going to enhance the Researchers’ willingness and capability of speaking of and about their jobs in a plain and easy-to-understand way, avoiding scaring technical jargons, and promoting their overall public image.

WOW Introduction

  • Museo dei Bambini SCS onlus (coordinator)
  • Istituto per le Applicazioni del Calcolo Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
  • Symmaceo Communications SNC di D’Uva Alessio & C.
  • Botw srl
  • Agenzia intercultura e mobilità

If accepted, there will be an awareness campaign with activities organised from June to September 2014. The schedule will be updated and publicized in this page and trough other communication means.
The main events take place on the night of Friday 26th September 2014, in coincidence with other Researcher´s Night events in other European Cities.
The main page where to find all activities in the EU is:
We hereby describe briefly the initial schedule of the Activities During the Night
The activities will follow the theme of WOW!, which is “Science and Comics”. They will be organised around the following main areas:

  • Kids activities (3-12 years old) about comics and renewable energy and sustainability. Exhibit of comics on these topics.
  • At least 3 Comics Exhibits of original graphic science related artworks
  • 3 Lectio Magistralis by top level scientists inspired by comics stories (topics in 2014: Neurosciences, Computer Science, Higgs Boson; Topics 2015: to be identified), with comics artists drawing live
  • 4 meetings with one high profile comics artist and 4 scientists.
  • One public reading of a science related comics book.
Organization Name Description Letter of interest
Triangolo Scaleno Theatre Company Triangolo Scaleno
Pensiari di Cartapesta Editorial Project Pensieri di cartapesta
Psicopompo Theatre Company Psicopompo
Tavola Rotonda Association of social promotion Tavola Rotonda
Corriere della Sera National Newspaper Corriere della Sera
Roma Capitale Municipality of Rome Roma Capitale
Pubblicità Progresso Social advertising Pubblicità Progresso
Sinnos Publisher Sinnos
DiScienza Scientific dissemination DiScienza
Ludis Chemestry researcher group Ludis
Libreria Giufà Bookshop Libreria Giufà
Libreria Assaggi Science Bookshop Libreria Assaggi